Kubernetes Application Management​ (en)

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of Kubernetes, giving students the skills they need to work effectively with this powerful container orchestration platform.

During the course, students will learn how to securely manage container image credentials using Image Pull Secrets. Deployment patterns for pods will be explored, including common patterns for scaling, load balancing, and ensuring container reliability. In addition, the different container restart policies and options available for handling errors and outages will be presented.

The course will also explore the concept of Jobs and CronJobs, enabling students to plan and execute ad hoc or scheduled tasks based on specific time intervals. BlueGreen and Canary deployment strategies will be presented, allowing new versions of applications to be introduced in a safe and controlled manner.

Security will be another key aspect of the course, with a section devoted to SecurityContexts, which allow specific security policies to be applied to pods and containers. Students will learn how to interact with the Kubernetes cluster via the command line and use its APIs to manage cluster resources.

The course will also introduce advanced concepts such as Custom Resource Definitions that allow Kubernetes resources to be extended to fit specific application needs. In addition, the concepts of ephemeral containers, which can be used for debugging and rapid pod maintenance, will be presented.

Requires, as prerequisites, to have completed the courses  DSK101,  DSK102 and DSK200 (or have equivalent knowledge).

CATEGORIES: Kubernetes

Please note: this course is a mandatory step toward preparation for the CKAD exam!

Completion of this course, along with the DSK200 and DSK201 courses, provides the skills necessary to access all intermediate and advanced level DSK courses.