Kubernetes Resource Management

Kubernetes Resource Management is an advanced course on Kubernetes that covers a wide range of topics, including Load Balancer, EmptyDir, Dynamic Storage Provisioning, ConfigMaps, Secrets, Ingress Rules, Deployment and DaemonSet Update, Init Containers, Lifecycle Hooks, Resource Requirements, Limit Range, Resource Quota, StatefulSet, Authorization (RBAC), Stout & Sterr, Network Policies, and Kustomize. The course provides practical and theoretical skills for advanced container management in Kubernetes, using recommended tools and best practices.

Requires, as a prerequisite, to have completed DSK101 and DSK102 courses or have equivalent knowledge.

Category: Kubernetes

Please note: This course is a required step toward CKA & CKAD exam preparations!

The completion of this course, along with the DSK201 and DSK202 courses, provides the skills necessary to enter all DSK intermediate and advanced level courses.